Cognitive Computing

In recent times, with ever increasing digital data, it is estimated that business organizations are able to use only 20% of the collected data and the remaining complex data in the form of human voice, images remains out of the realm of interpretation, Cognitive computing with its use of natural language processing, pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms is helping organizations use this complex data for forecasting and help in the process of decision making.

SoftPath Technologies ‘s Cognitive computing services for business, with complete view on business processes and data, will reduce time to analyze data and help make business decisions faster, for instance in retail vertical SoftPath Technologies can build a cognitive system which can quickly check the buyer’s social media updates and make product recommendation that are closer to his or her preferences ensuring customer delight. The system would offer higher ROI to the marketing department as the data will be analyzed faster and the decisions will be taken in real-time.

We at SoftPath Technologies can help build cognitive computing systems for the below verticals -

Healthcare - We can build you cognitive systems that can mine huge volumes of bio-medical, clinical, psycho-social, personal, research data and offer guidance and expertise to care givers to perform at the highest level.

Finance- We can develop a system that can offer tailor-made product by mining huge volumes of financial data and at the same time help to uncover fraud.

Retail- We can build systems that can discover customer buying patterns, individual preferences of style, color and preferred mode of communication and help you engage with customers at the pace and mode they are comfortable.

Education - A system which can help teachers understand the learning styles of their students by analyzing data collected over a long period of